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Boogiepop Phantom- Anime Review

Boogiepop Phantom is a twisted, dark and supernatural horror. The anime can get confusing with the out of order story and complex themes of relationships, escapism, and change. Based off a novel series this 12 episode series only covers a bit of the series.

There was once a pillar of light, that occurred in a city in Japan, it was beautiful, but after the light strange things seemed to happen. Rumors passed around that the strange happenings and disappearances are the work of Boogiepop that they call "the angel of death". The current times remind people of the serial killings of 5 years ago. Is there a connection between now and 5 years ago?

I found this anime while interesting to be a bit confusing, with all the out of order story, and each episode focused on a different character, loosely connected to the other episodes. There is lengthy plot summaries online on the total happenings in this anime but frankly if I have to do that to understand a 12 ep show it's not for me. If you're into deep physiological horror, and can understand all the themes, and plot this anime may be for you; as for me I give this an 6/10 for being an interesting but confusing ride at times.

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