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Bakuman- Anime/Manga Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Bakuman is an anime about dreams, friendship, romance, rivals, and above all manga. This is another work by the creators of Death Note, and it shows in the art style, characters, and the manga that the main characters create.

Bakuman starts off with Moritaka Mashiro who after the death of his uncle, a famous mangaka's(manga creator) death he has given up his dream of being a mangaka himself. Mashiro now spends his days studying to be an average office worker. When Akito Takagi sees Mashiro's drawing of a girl he likes, he proposes they become mangakas, with Takagi writing the story, and Mashiro the artist. Mashiro thinks the idea is stupid at first but when he finds out the girl he loves is aiming to be a voice actress he agrees. He then goes to Azuki Miho and together they make a promise that they won't see each other again until Mashiro's and Takagi's manga becomes an anime and Azuki voices the heroine, and after that dream comes true they will get married.

Takaji and Mashiro then join forces aiming to become great magakas for their dream to come true but soon learn to be a mangaka is a lot more work than they bargain for. With the help with rivals, friends, and their editor will they make it to the top of Shonen Jack(parody of Shonen Jump), and have an anime? Or will they fail and Mashiro will lose the love of his life?

I was on the edge of my seat watching Bakuman beginning to end. This anime makes you want to root for not only the main mangaka group of Mashiro and Takagi but even the other mangakas in the show as well. Bakuman will make you cry for joy when your favorite character makes his/her goal and excited for the next goal. I also love how in depth this anime goes into the creation of manga and anime while having a compelling story. My only hope is that the anime despite being a few years old will get an official American release by Viz who currently owns the rights. I will rate this masterpiece a 10/10.

Manga- 10/2/18

The manga plot is actually very close to the anime, it does have some additional subplots but otherwise it is so close that if you prefer to read over watch then you can just read the manga or vise versa. I also like seeing the creator's of Bakuman's storyboards inside the manga to show the process from storyboard to final draft better. The manga also gets an 10/10.

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