• Rose Hood

Baked Potato and Sloppy Joe Pringles- Food Review

I love Pringles chips and when I found these flavors I had to try them. Prinlges always seems to come up with strange chip flavors. I also love sloppy joes and baked potatoes so I figured these also might be fairly enjoyable to eat.

Here are the Sloppy Joe Pringles the cans are decorated with a chip going to eat a sloppy joe sandwich.


I find the flavor to be like a very mild sloppy joe. There is not much flavoring on per chip so it takes a few to really taste the flavor. I find it slightly disappointing as I had the pizza ones before, and the pizza flavored hits you on 1 chip.

These loaded baked potato ones didn't have a limited edition label on them so they might be a permanent addition to the Pringles family. Hopefully this means they are better than the previous chips.


These taste a nice cheesy onion flavor. I can see why this one might be a long lasting flavor and not just the flavor of the day like the previous chips.

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