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Azumanga Daioh- Manga Review

I have seen the anime of this before (though sometime I'll likely review that as well), but I never read the manga. The manga is mostly 4 panel comics so there is no major story in it really. I found the Omnibus collection at my public library and decided to give it a read.

The Story

Azumanga Daioh follows the adventures of Sakaki(the tall and scary one whose weakness is cute), Chiyo(the little genius), Tomo(the smartass), Yomi(mellow but has a weakness for food), and Osaka(who is named only for her accent and where she comes from). From everyday school life to summer vacation these girls are a strange group of friends.

My Review

This series was fun to flip through, but I'm more of a deep story girl. The characters were cute, funny, and enjoyable. I liked how they took everyday school events and made them funny and creative. As far as near pure comedy series go this is one of my favorites.

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