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Anohana: The Flower we saw that day- Anime Review

I saw this anime for the first time years ago, and I remember really enjoying it and with the recent release of the series on Blu ray let's check it out. Anohana is one of those "heartwarming", "tearjerkers" like Clannad. So don't expect tons of action.

The Plot

Jinta and his friends were close until a fateful day in the 6th grade where their friend Menma died in an accident. The remaining five drift apart and 5 years later, Jinta ends up a shut in not going to school and has withdrawn from society.

Ghost of Menma appears as an older version of herself and tells Jinta she can't pass on until her wish is granted. The problem is she can't fully remember what the wish was and either does Jinta. Jinta then decides to contact his former friends to solve this mystery so Menma can pass on. Can these 5 near strangers work together to help Menma pass on?

My Review

I love this anime. It shows how even a single wish can bring people back together despite how much time has passed. This anime also deals with loss due to death and how we all got to cope and look to the future. All the characters have to deal with their own guilt and problems that occurred due to the tragic loss of their friend but the friends spirit is what gets them to get back together and want to send her off properly. If you like a slice of life story dealing with death, loss, coping, and friendship then I recommend this beautiful anime.

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