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Anime Midwest 2018 Haul Part 4- Mystery box 1 : Asylum Anime Grab bag

Asylum Anime is a Kansas located Anime store that claims it's the largest anime store in the Midwest. They deal in DVDs, figures, plush, posters, and anime cels. Asylum Anime also has an online store if you don't live in KS, so you can have anime shipped to your home. At Anime Midwest they had a booth of items for sale and Grab Bags for $20 that contain items they sell, so what did I get?

The Grab Bag had many items inside and 2 t shirts and even a DVD. Here is the item rundown..

Saiyuki XL t-shirt- $20? (I couldn't find this t-shirt anywhere but similar Saiyuki ones are around 20-40 so my guess is $20) I will 100% keep this as I plan to watch the Saiyuki anime which I was recommended to watch by Greg Aryes who voice acts one of the main characters.

KITE M T-shirt- $15

I haven't seen this anime but being an M and pink I will not keep as I am not an M, and I don't like the color pink.

2 Avex Mode X Kaiyodo capsule toy figures- $5 each

I have no idea what anime they are even from let me know.

1997 Collector's Edition Tamagotchi- $30

I like the fancy gold box that opens to a fireworks' scene with Tamagotchi.

Magic Knight Rayearth CD keychain- $15

I love this anime and will keep it just because this keychain is so cute.

Cyber City Complete series DVD- $5

This is the second year in a row that I have gotten this DVD from a mystery bag of some sort, and I still don't care for it, but I wonder why it keeps following me.

Hitman Reborn keychain- $5

I also haven't seen this anime but the keychain is cute.

Total value? : $95?

Asylum Anime website: asylum-anime.com

This Grab Bag had an amazing value and while I will likely not keep much of it I still think this is 100% worth it. Thanks Asylum Anime for this interesting Grab Bag!

Stay tuned for more Mystery boxes from Anime Midwest...

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