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Anime Midwest 2018 Haul- Part 1 Vender booths

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Anime Midwest 2018 is my one annul anime con so of course I bought tons of items

more than what can fit on 1 blog post so this will come in many parts(I bought more than what I will show but those are will be xmas gifts so to keep the items a mystery for the people I will give them to they will remain unseen). The Dealer's room Vender booths are often the first go to buy merch. And Anime Midwest has a huge part of the Stephen Con center reserved for just that.

I will do my best to name the dealer that I bought my items from but since I forgot a few times to get a business card from dealers in my shopping spree some will remain unnamed and I'm sorry for this. Now for the items I bought!

Death Note Poster- Muse Tap Studios- web: musetapstudios.com

I love the artwork on this gritty Death Note poster.

D. Gray-man season 1 and 2, and Wallflower DVD set- OtakuJoes- Facebook.com/otakujoes/

I'm so glad I can finally own these series!

Harry Potter T-shirt- Busted Tees- web: bustedtees.com

This Harry Potter shirt is so funny I can't wait to wear it.

Harry Potter bookmarks- Literary Alterations- web: literaryalterationsonmain.com

I hope you'll come out with a Harry Potter mystery box next year, you have so many Harry Potter items to make it possible!

Eevee Pokedoll- unknown

Another Eevee for my growing Eevee collection.

Love Com volumes 2-5- unknown

I already owned volume 1.

(Not shown) Me and My Brothers vol. 2-6- Carolina Manga Library- web: carolinamangalibrary.com

I'm glad my manga purchase went to help out this Library's mission!

Last, but not least the cookies from Crumbly Art- http://www.crumbyartbakehousecakery.com/

Totoro sugar cookie- a cute decorated sugar cookie designed to look like Studio Ghibli's Totoro!

Review: A basic sugar cookie taste with sweet home made fondant

Sexy Flexy(got the name from their website I forgot what they named it during Anime Midwest)- A peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and marshmallows

Review: I love all 3 of this combo and together is a match made in cookie heaven!

Thanks for checking out my Anime Midwest Haul part 1 stay tuned for Part 2!

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