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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul- Asylum Anime Mystery Bag

This Mystery Bag is from Asylum Anime(they ran out of business cards and never decorated their bag). I got a bag from them last year but the price was only $20 again so it was a good deal for a big bag of anime. The bag advertised at least 2 anime dvds and will have figures, t shirts and other stuff inside. let's check it out.

How Ironic the same weekend I sold my last Tokyo Babylon set another one appears. The stuff is really random and this bag is completely different from last years.

Tokyo Babylon(far left)

Another DVD set of Toyko Babylon this one seems to be a movie so i guess another CLAMP series to review.

Cyber City(far right)

Is this just 1 ep? I have no idea but I got the Complete Collection of Cyber City last year but this one just seems to be one thing?

Capsule Toy(left)

Another anime girl capsule toy I won't bother to open it just becuase they are just tiny flimsy figures.

High School of the Dead Christmas Card(top middle)

This has to be the most random thing I ever seen an anime christmas card. I might give it to someone this Christmas.

Hakuoki Collectors Plate(front middle)

I never seen a vinyl plate on a string being a collectors item, but according to the plate it is.

Fruits Basket Bust(middle)

I don't know what a bust is, but it's a figure of Tohru.

Mew Bouncing Ball(right)

Of all Pokemon Collectibles it is a bouncy ball not much else to say.

Overall Review

As weird and random this bag is it just makes me think what they will put in for next year. I'll likely buy their bag again next year due to how different each one is.

Check out Asylum Anime


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