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Animal Farm- Book/Movie Review

I was introduced to Animal Farm as a kid with the 1999 movie(image of the box cover is shown) and needless to say it traumatized me for a long time. The scenes of animal death and brainwashing was more scary to me than many horror movies I see now. I shall finally read the book and rewatch the movie that scared me so.

The Plot

The animals on Manor Farm rebel against the drinking neglecting farmer and drive him away. The animals from the Pigs to the chickens decide to run the farm themselves and live for themselves instead of being servants of man. The Pigs being the smartest decide to be the new leaders of the newly named Animal Farm. Is the new animal run farm a utopia or did, they simply change masters?

Book Review

The book is fairly short only just over a 100 pages. Few characters in the book are fleshed out(mostly Boxer the horse, the pigs, and a donkey). I did enjoy the book and the history of it being based off of Stalin and Trotsky. If you want a quick read that features brainwashing, historical influence and animal death then give it a read.

Movie Review

Believe it or not this was a hallmark movie and Jim Henson helped with the production. The back of the box states" the whole family will be squealing in delight." The movie is just as dark as I remember. There is still a good amount of animal death for a "family" movie. The film is not rated, but I wouldn't recommend younger kids seeing it. It does closely resemble the book but due to being only an hr and a half movie a few things were cut and while you don't see much of the blood doesn't mean the death isn't there. The big difference from the book is Jessie the dog is telling the story when the book ended after she died. If you wish to see movie with talking animals that is dark and doesn't shy away from the fact farm animals are slaughtered then give it a watch.

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