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Angelic Layer- Manga Review

I watched the anime for the first time after I heard it was a prequel(it might just take place in the same universe) to Chobits(an anime I previously reviewed). The manga is not long with this one as it is only 2 omnibus volumes.

The Plot

Misaki Suzuhara just moved Tokyo to live with her aunt. When she arrives, she notices people battling dolls in a game called Angelic Layer. The dolls are called Angels and are mentally controlled by their owners in a field called "layer." Misaki is quickly talked into purchasing her own which she names Hikaru, they then, team up to take on the world of Angelic Layer.

My Review

This manga is good if you liked Chobits but also wanted something more lighthearted. The main characters are kids in this one, and I would recommend it for younger anime fans as this CLAMP title doesn't have nudity and sex jokes like Chobits does. Being an adult it found it entertaining and Misaki a great character and even though Hikaru is a doll she seems to have a personality as well. If you want to read a short series on robotic toys battling in a near future world, with great characters, and tournaments then check out Angelic Layer.

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