• Rose Hood

101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions- Book Review

I love many things Japanese anime, food, kimono, but the craziest things are their inventions. This is a book full of 101 inventions you likely won't believe exist, but they do. I found it as the usual place(Open Books), and I simply had to give it a read.

About this Book 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions is a collection of items so strange yet all claim to assist you in everyday life. The book is in full color and has vivid pictures of all the items and a nice description to see what use they may have.

My Review This was a fun read and it was great to see how crazy and creative these inventions were. I even found a few that would be useful but a shame they aren't sold. If you want to see one of the stranger sides of Japan then give this book a look.

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